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The pool is open regular hours Tuesday thru Sunday ~ 10am-10pm (Closed for cleaning Mondays). Your dues must be current, and “always” bring & sign in with your pool badges, and understand and obey the Pool Rules.

Clubhouse Rental:


Clubhouse Rules

1. As a member of the Ranger Creek Homeowners Association, a homeowner may reserve the Ranger Creek Clubhouse, subject to availability, by contacting the clubhouse coordinator or by filling out the form below. Clubhouse reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Availability may be checked on the Community Calendar on-line, which should be up-to-date, but is not a guarantee of availability. A refundable deposit of $30 will be required when you pick up the clubhouse key. A reservation time should allow for one hour before and after the planned event for set-up and clean-up.

2. The Certificate of Occupancy for the clubhouse limits the main level, which includes the deck area, to 50 “Total Persons.” It is the responsibility of the Ranger Creek resident reserving the clubhouse to make sure this occupancy limit is observed. Exceeding the County occupancy limit may result in eviction, receipt of a citation and a fine. Smoking is NOT permitted in the Clubhouse. Any cost, fine or assessment made against the HOA shall be collectible by the HOA against the homeowner whose event gave rise to the violation.

3. Each homeowner is responsible to supervise the activities in the Clubhouse during his/her reservation and/or use of the pool and pool area. Please review the pool rules and ensure all guests who plan to use the pool are aware of them. The homeowner assumes full responsibility and liability for all of his/her guests' activities during the reserved period of use. The homeowner is responsible for any damage to the facility caused by his/her guests. Ranger Creek Homeowners Association will not be responsible for any negligence, liability or illegal activities.

★ Noise: Please be courteous to neighbors that live near the clubhouse and keep music at a reasonable level. County noise ordinances apply, and police may be called if levels are exceeded.

4. A reservation of the clubhouse and/or pool grill does not reserve the pool or pool area. Guests are entitled to use the pool as long as the homeowner is present. The pool and pool area close at 10:00 pm. All persons must stop using the pool and pool area at that time even if a clubhouse reservation extends beyond 10:00 pm. The homeowner is responsible for ensuring all guests observe the pool closing time. It is important to do so out of courtesy to neighbors and also to allow for the pool and pool area to be closed down by the pool closers.

5. When planning your activities, please be considerate of your neighbors in the area. Keep noise levels inside and outside the facility at a reasonable level. It is recommended that all activities be moved indoors when the pool closes at 10:00 pm.

6. When leaving the facility, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to do the following:

• Remove all trash from the clubhouse to the outside containers in the parking area.

• Clean all tables and place all folding tables back in the appropriate storage area.

• Make sure all the furniture is placed as it was when you arrived.

• Leave the bathroom clean.

• Vacuum the rooms.

• Remove all food items brought to the clubhouse.

• Turn off all lights except the interior lamp, back porch and front entrance light.

• Lock all doors when you leave.

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