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The pool is open regular hours Tuesday thru Sunday ~ 10am-10pm *Closed for cleaning Mondays* until school lets out on June 2nd when it will be open regular hours. Your dues must be current, and “always” bring & sign in with your pool badges, and understand and obey the Pool Rules.

Next Homeowners Meeting is July 14, 7:30 PM, at the Clubhouse.


Clubhouse Rental:



Property Appraisals, Neighborhood Garage Sale, Boerne Coalition, Junked Vehicles
Loud noises, Potholes, Pool News
Elections, BVFD Fish Fry, Drainage Ditches, RC Ministry, Gardening Tips
RC Ministry, Election Day notice, Burn Ban, Safety notice, Newcomers
Annual Homeowners Meeting, Ballot


Holiday Party, Keep Boerne Beautiful, Santa's Ranch, Large Dumpsters, Annual Meeting
National Night Out, New Garbage Stickers, Pool Info, Road Repair, Taking it to the Streets
Floods, Neighborhood Garage Sale, Community Coalition, Love Boerne Kids, Food Truck, Meals on Wheels, Ranger Creek Neighboring
May Garbage rate, Cleanup, Dumpsters, Pool Info, Road upgrades, Neighborhood News
  Volunteer Cleanup, Pool News, Homeowners Meeting, Large Dumpsters, Texas Trash Off, Fellowship
Feb  New Board Members, Annual Meeting news, Lemonade Day, Neighboring News

Annual Homeowners Meeting rescheduled for Saturday, Feb 21, 2015, 10:30am at the Clubhouse

Oct National Night Out, Dumpsters, Halloween, Mailbox parking, Early Voting, Annual Meeting, Daylight Savings, Fire Safety

Aug HOA Meeting cancelled, Pool News, Animal Control, National Night Out, Turkey Trot, Newcomers

July Garage Sale wrapup, housing ministry, recyclable items, electric rates,easement mowing,events calendar

April Mailbox parking, radar, dumpsters,Keep Boerne Beautiful, Pool Party

March Dumpsters, Wild West Day, New Board, Garbage Cans, Relay for Life, Spring News, Events


December Annual Meeting, budget vote, ballot for two directors

November Association Holiday Party, Call for Dumpster Volunteers, Oma's Christmas Fair, Neighborhood Watch, Annual Meeting, Large Dumpsters

October Daylight Savings, Turkey Trot, Large Dumpsters, National Fire Prevention Month

September NationalNight Out, Burn Ban, Garbage Info, Pool News, Events Calendar, Newcomers

August Garbage News, Neighborhood News, Association News, Homeowners Meeting, Kendall County Fair, Clubhouse Rental, Boerne Turkey Trot, Animal Control, Events, Life Tips, Newcomers

June Fireworks Display, Kronsky Place, Burn Ban, Pool News, Homeowners Meeting, Facebook Workshop, Keeping Pets Cool, Events Calendar, Helpful Numbers, Board of Directors List, Clubhouse Rental info

May Neighborhood News, Memorial Day, Garage Sale, Parks & Recreation, Pool News, Water update, BISD Bond Election, Events Calendar, Kendall County Crime Stoppers, Pool Rules

April Neighborhood News, National Fitness Month, Drug Drop-off Event, Association News, Burn Ban, General Election, Events, Pet news

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